Veterans Marriage Retreat

Giving back to those who gave so much.


As a veteran family, the veteran community is one that’s near and dear to us. Many military members and veterans have bared a burden for our country and our people, sacrificing some of the best years of their lives and putting an immense amount of stress on their relationships and marriages in the process. This is how we are giving back.

We are hosting multi-day marriage retreats in the Orlando area for veteran couples seeking healing and breakthrough after having served. Whether the marriage is doing just OK or there are massive challenges, this is a time and opportunity to heal and grow.

Each day there will be times for teaching and ministry focused on reconciliation, healing, rebuilding and equipping to keep the marriage strong. There will be time to process and respond, as well as time for fun and relaxation.

This retreat is to intentionally make space for God to bring healing and breakthrough into the lives and marriages of those who are seeking it.

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